2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd reference from /usr/src/linux
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd Makefile to run all steps
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaBe more silent
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd scripts to setup environment for automated tests
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd more tests
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaFix boot
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd first automated test and supporting infrastructure
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd config for rootfs for continuous gw tests
2014-02-04 Michal Sojkalatester: Fix array size
2014-02-04 Michal Sojkalatester: Add percentiles to statistics
2014-02-04 Michal Sojkasterm: Minor updates
2014-02-03 Michal SojkaUpdate gitignore
2014-02-03 Michal SojkaAdd simple serial line terminal
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaUpdate .gitignore
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaFinal benchmark
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaImplement recvmmsg/sendmmsg gateway
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaAdd sendmmsg benchamark
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaWe need more data
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaRename one experiment
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaFix burst benchmark
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaLimit socket recv buf size - to not have so big latencies
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaPreprocess only files that exist, don't fail on missing...
2014-01-19 Michal SojkaNew tests
2014-01-19 Michal Sojkafixup
2014-01-19 Michal SojkaAdd readnb-noirq test + make faster
2014-01-19 Michal SojkaMore fixes for new novaboot
2014-01-19 Michal SojkaRecvmmsg: it is sufficient to have only 100 measurements
2014-01-19 Michal SojkaUpdate boot scripts to the new novaboot syntax
2014-01-15 Michal SojkaAdd remaining uncommitted files
2014-01-14 Michal SojkaIgnore measured data
2014-01-14 Michal SojkaPlot frame loss and sort columns always the same
2014-01-14 Michal SojkaBoot linux quietly - it's faster
2014-01-14 Michal SojkaAdd mmap-mmap test and store data in directory accordin...
2014-01-14 Michal SojkaAdd readnb test
2014-01-14 Michal SojkaFix periodic mode in latester
2014-01-14 Michal Sojkaugw: Use send() instead of poll() in mmap()-based TX
2014-01-14 Michal Sojkaugw: Make PF_PACKET frames smaller
2014-01-14 Michal Sojkaugw: Remove debug printf
2014-01-14 Michal Sojkaugw: Add statistics
2014-01-14 Michal Sojkaugw: Add nonblocking mode
2014-01-13 Michal SojkaStop on error
2014-01-13 Michal SojkaScripts for running all experiments, getting and proces...
2014-01-13 Michal SojkaAdd column with routing delay
2014-01-13 Michal SojkaFix warnings in latester when compiled with -Wall
2014-01-12 Michal SojkaUpdate to kernel with busy_poll support
2014-01-12 Michal Sojkarootfs: Add dropbear
2014-01-12 Michal Sojkakernel 3.12: Add Ethernet driver, remove not useful...
2014-01-12 Michal SojkaAdded ftrace config (commented oud)
2014-01-12 Michal SojkaAttempt to add busy_poll support for mmap RX
2014-01-12 Michal SojkaImplement busy_poll (aka low latency) for read method
2014-01-12 Michal SojkaMake latester on glab SUID root
2014-01-12 Michal SojkaAllow passing options to ugw via kernel command line
2014-01-12 Michal Sojkammap()-based TX works now
2014-01-11 Michal SojkaAdd mmap()-based TX method - it doesn't work (yet?)
2014-01-11 Michal SojkaAdd PF_PACKET + mmap() support for RX in ugw
2014-01-11 Michal SojkaCompile with -Wall -O2
2014-01-11 Michal SojkaAdd novaboot script to boot rtems gateway
2014-01-11 Michal SojkaUpdate configuration to work with RTEMS Debian packages...
2014-01-11 Michal SojkaRename config.omk to (the recommended...
2014-01-11 Michal SojkaAdd forgotten files needed for buildroot build
2014-01-10 Michal SojkaAdd a simple script for performing gateway benchmarks
2014-01-10 Michal SojkaRemove debugging prints from canframelen
2014-01-10 Michal SojkaWorking version of bit stuffing calculator
2014-01-08 Michal SojkaCommit not-finished state of frame length calculation
2014-01-07 Michal SojkaRemove stale comment
2014-01-07 Michal SojkaAdd iproute2 to the rootfs - it is needed for CAN initi...
2014-01-07 Michal SojkaAdd a simple user space gateway for measuring routing...
2014-01-06 Michal SojkaUse new novaboot feature EXITON
2014-01-06 Michal SojkaAdd scripts for running the benchmark on PowerPC
2014-01-06 Michal SojkaBuild recvmmsg also for PowerPC
2014-01-06 Michal SojkaFix OMK bug
2014-01-06 Michal SojkaRename .empty to .gitignore
2014-01-06 Michal SojkaFinish recvmmsg() benchmark
2014-01-03 Michal SojkaInitial version of recvmmsg benchmark
2014-01-03 Michal SojkaUpdate Makefile.rules
2013-12-06 Michal SojkaAdd 3.12 kernel for Shark/Ryu board
2013-11-21 Michal SojkaCopy shark kernel to boot/images directory
2013-11-21 Michal SojkaUse OSELAS toolchain to for kernel builds
2013-11-21 Michal SojkaAdd buildroot configuration for building the root files...
2013-11-21 Michal SojkaAdd novaboot script
2013-11-06 Michal SojkaSimplify writing CRC to the bitmap
2013-11-06 Michal SojkaAnother bug
2013-11-06 Michal SojkaData bytes must not be converted to big endian
2013-11-06 Michal SojkaCRC must be shifted before conversion to big endian...
2013-11-06 Michal SojkaAdd comments about CAN frame layout in bitmap
2013-11-06 Vojtěch DrbohlavCalculate stuff bits also for CRC; Fix '=' instead...
2013-11-05 Michal SojkaFix compiler warnings
2013-09-17 Michal SojkaAdd a CC license
2013-09-17 Michal SojkaAdd horenmar as a co-author
2013-09-17 Michal SojkaAdd vcanbench tool
2013-09-17 Michal SojkaMake pdf plots colorful (for web)
2013-09-17 Michal SojkaAllow calling `make html` when results is a symlink
2013-09-16 Martin HořeňovskýChanged all (I think) files using CRLF to use LF.
2013-09-16 Martin HořeňovskýMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-09-16 Martin HořeňovskýAdds app_def header, which defines symbols for cond...
2013-09-16 Michal SojkaAllow results directory to be symlink
2013-09-16 Martin HořeňovskýModified .gitignore to include directories created...
2013-09-16 Martin HořeňovskýFixed prefix for rtems.cfg.
2013-09-16 Martin HořeňovskýEnables conditional compilation for gateway itself.
2013-09-16 Martin HořeňovskýAdds conditional compilation for benchmarking and shell...