descriptionRaspberry Pi Motor Control
ownerPavel Pisa
last changeTue, 30 Aug 2016 14:38:33 +0000 (16:38 +0200)
2016-08-30 Pavel PisaCorrect typo in rpi-mc-1 mapping to Ti AM437x based... master
2016-08-27 Pavel PisaMerge remote-tracking branch 'rtime/master'
2016-08-27 Pavel PisaInclude table of rpi-mc-1 mapping to Ti AM437x based...
2015-10-09 Martin PrudekAdded forgotten files.
2015-10-06 Pavel PisaCorrect logic to detect failed SPI communication and... untested
2015-10-06 Pavel PisaRemove unused package and swap DIP switch order to...
2015-10-06 Pavel PisaUpdate planned pin mapping for simple DC moor control...
2015-10-04 Martin PrudekAdded UNTESTED version of spi-commands-lost detection.
2015-10-04 Martin PrudekSW repair for 'IRC malfunction'
2015-10-04 Martin PrudekFIX: dff3.vhdl added to syn.tcl.
2015-10-04 Martin PrudekDff3 filter added to irc inputs.
2015-09-29 Pavel PisaDocument use of pins for motor control experimental... post
2015-08-04 Martin PrudekSimple frequency divider replaced with more complex...
2015-05-21 Martin PrudekCommit of version on DVD.
2015-05-20 Martin PrudekCosmetic changes.
2015-05-20 Martin PrudekRegulation function now implemented with use of polymor...
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