descriptionLinCAN driver development repository
ownerPavel Pisa
last changeSun, 15 Sep 2013 19:07:03 +0000 (21:07 +0200)
2013-09-15 Pavel PisaActual driver code for directly mapped SJA1000 into... master
2013-09-15 Pavel PisaIncluded support for directly mapped SJA1000 into PCI...
2013-06-25 Pavel PisaUpdate URLs to project on GIT repositories.
2012-06-27 Pavel PisaUse mdelay instead of udelay for long times.
2011-10-09 Pavel PisaLinCAN version and documentation updated to 0.3.5 and...
2011-10-01 Pavel PisaCorrected CAN queues locking for corner case - i.e...
2011-10-01 Pavel PisaLinCAN sources go through big white-space cleanup.
2011-10-01 Pavel PisaAdjust LinCAN sources to compile for 3.x Linux kernel.
2011-10-01 Pavel PisaLinux 3.x kernel KBUILD can be examined by same rules...
2011-10-01 Pavel PisaLinCAN PCI cards support updated to support PCI devices...
2010-10-07 Pavel PisaMakefile rules updated actual version from from OMK...
2010-04-09 Pavel PisaEnsure that do_gettimeofday is declared for some versions.
2010-04-07 Pavel PisaMakefile.rules updated to OMK current version.
2010-03-29 Pavel PisaMakefile.rules and atomic CMPXCHG handling update to...
2010-02-02 Martin PeteraClean up: Removed fake board mpc5200_midam
2010-01-13 Martin PeteraFixed typo in recently added MSCAN code
11 years ago CLT_COMM_CAN_usb_can1_kriz_bp
13 years ago CLT_COMM_CAN_pre_ul_log_introduction
13 years ago CLT_COMM_CAN-lincan-0_3_3
14 years ago CLT_COMM_CAN-lincan-0_3_2
14 years ago CLT_COMM_CAN-lincan-0_3_1
15 years ago CLT_COMM_CAN-lincan-0_3
15 years ago CLT_COMM_CAN-post_update-040903
15 years ago CLT_COMM_CAN-lincan-0_2_8
15 years ago CLT_COMM_CAN-pre_locking_udate
15 years ago CLT_COMM_CAN-lincan-0_2_2
15 years ago ocera-1_0_0-release
15 years ago CLT_COMM_CAN-lincan-0_2-040304
16 years ago CLT_COMM_CAN_post_canmsg_change
16 years ago CLT_COMM_CAN_pre_canmsg_change
4 years ago can-usb1
6 years ago master
7 years ago lpc17xx
8 years ago spican1
11 years ago sf-ocera-lincan
11 years ago can-usb1-reb
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