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OMK is an advanced make system written entirely in GNU make. Compiling software using OMK requires only GNU make binary and standard UNIX utilities installed. OMK aims to be developer friendly; to use OMK, you do not need to understand (sometimes) cryptic syntax of Makefiles.


Pavel Píša, Michal Sojka


OMK is in beta state. It is already usable for many projects, but we may do incompatible changes in future.


2010-07-20We have got a mailing list - see bellow.
2009-12-08OMK version 0.2 released (release notes).
2009-02-03 We work on rewrite of OMK. The rewritten version should be faster, easier to maintain and should recompile files if compile command line changes. You can watch the development in devel branch of OMK repository. In short time we release OMK 0.2 which will contain bug fixes and small enhancements to OMK 0.1. Then OMK 0.3 will be the rewritten version.
2008-10-30OMK repository has been migrated from Darcs to GIT (see bellow).
2008-04-23OMK version 0.1 released.


OMK can also be downloaded from GIT repository. To download it, run
git clone git://
You can also browse OMK repository online.



Write a message to the mailing list. The address is

Projects Using OMK

If you are happy with OMK, you can hit this button to raise the counter:

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