descriptionOcera Make System
ownerMichal Sojka
last changeThu, 13 Jul 2017 11:50:46 +0000 (13:50 +0200)
2017-07-13 Pavel PisaOMK kernelcfg2mk: consider name passed to KBUILD_MODNAM... master
2016-05-19 Pavel PisaInclude executable map support to RTEMS rules.
2015-10-30 Michal SojkaDo not use CFLAGS when compiling C++ code
2015-10-30 Michal SojkaFix failing test
2015-09-16 Pavel PisaApply allow sources in subdirectories to rtems and...
2015-09-05 Pavel PisaRTEMS rules: correct cleanup and documentation for...
2015-09-05 Pavel PisaRTEMS rules: provide support to build application with...
2015-05-17 Pavel PisaUpdate OMK kernelcf2mk for actual Linux kernels.
2015-03-10 Michal SojkaAlways use OMK_*FLAGS instead of *FLAGS
2015-03-10 Michal SojkaAdd failing test
2015-03-10 Michal SojkaDelete unused variables
2014-12-05 Michal SojkaUpdate wvtool
2014-12-05 Michal SojkaUpdate wvtool
2014-11-11 Michal SojkaUse wvtool for testing instead of wvtestrun
2014-09-08 Michal SojkaMake omkbuild Python 3 compatible
2014-09-08 Michal SojkaAllow specifying python binary to run omkbuild
8 years ago v0.2 OMK 0.2
8 years ago v0.1-sssa Modifications for AQuoSA
9 years ago v0.1 TAG v0.1
9 months ago master
7 years ago kconfig
9 years ago devel
omk/sssa.git OMK adaptation for AQuoSA Michal Sojka 8 years ago