2009-02-19 Michal SojkaMerge branch 'master' into devel devel
2009-02-19 Michal SojkaMerge branch 'devel-cherrypick'
2009-02-19 Michal SojkaAdded forgotten Makefile for QT test
2009-02-19 Michal SojkaGenerated Makefile.rules contain OMK version number
2009-02-19 Michal SojkaRemoved emacs modelines
2009-02-19 Michal SojkaSnippets renamed to *.omk
2009-02-19 Michal SojkaAdded OMK_RULES_TYPE variable to top-level snippets
2009-02-19 Michal Create output directory it it doesn't...
2009-02-19 Michal converted to Makefile.rules.*
2009-02-19 Michal Makefile.rules are constructed by replacin...
2009-02-19 Michal The whole delimiter of legal part belongs...
2009-02-17 Michal SojkaGenerated Makefile.rules contain OMK version number
2009-02-17 Michal SojkaQT: Added QT_PROJECT variable
2009-02-17 Michal SojkaUpdated QT rules
2009-02-03 Michal SojkaAdded news to web page
2009-01-29 Michal SojkaOMK shell alias replaced with a shell script
2009-01-18 Michal SojkaFixed selection of linker command
2009-01-18 Michal SojkaAdded support for .idl compilation
2009-01-18 Michal SojkaAdded definition of important variables from old rules
2009-01-18 Michal SojkaInclude only in the approproate subtree
2009-01-17 Michal SojkaRemoved emacs modelines
2009-01-17 Michal SojkaSnippets renamed to *.omk
2009-01-17 Michal Sojkainclude_HEADERS works
2009-01-17 Michal SojkaFormating changes, added Emacs modelines
2009-01-17 Michal SojkaPass definition simplified by not using -local target
2009-01-17 Michal SojkaRemoved snippet symlinks from test directory
2008-12-30 Michal SojkaFixed pass invocation in subdirs
2008-12-30 Michal SojkaAdded different verbosity levels V=1,2,3
2008-12-30 Michal SojkaPorted some functionality from the old OMK to test...
2008-12-30 Michal SojkaAdded links to snippets to devel-test directory
2008-12-30 Michal SojkaLinux snippet reverted to version in master
2008-12-30 Michal SojkaFixed build in subdirectories
2008-12-30 Michal Sojkabuild target prints directory
2008-12-30 Michal SojkaAdded notification when updating files
2008-12-30 Michal SojkaAdded generation of binary dependencies from .map file
2008-12-30 Michal SojkaWorking version of test rules
2008-12-30 Michal SojkaTest and base snippets converted to non-flat structure
2008-12-30 Michal SojkaMakefile.rules from devel-test converted to snippets
2008-12-30 Michal SojkaAdded shell alias for OMK invocation without leaf Makefile
2008-12-30 Michal SojkaAdded shell alias for OMK invocation without leaf Makefile
2008-12-30 Michal SojkaDevel test rules converted to snippets
2008-12-30 Michal SojkaAdded OMK_RULES_TYPE variable to top-level snippets
2008-12-30 Michal Create output directory it it doesn't...
2008-12-30 Michal converted to Makefile.rules.*
2008-12-29 Michal Makefile.rules are constructed by replacin...
2008-12-29 Michal The whole delimiter of legal part belongs...
2008-12-15 Michal SojkaAlmost working
2008-12-14 Michal SojkaSome tests
2008-12-13 Michal SojkaMerge branch 'devel' of
2008-12-13 Michal SojkaChanged Emacs mode to makefile-gmake
2008-12-10 Michal Sojkacheck-dir target converted to double-colon rule
2008-12-09 Michal SojkaAdded experimental directory
2008-12-09 Michal SojkaFurther experiments with new rules
2008-12-08 Michal SojkaStarted attempt to make a simple rules for testing...
2008-12-08 Michal SojkaMerge branch 'master' into devel
2008-12-08 Michal SojkaFix linking of shared libraries on MinGW
2008-11-18 Michal SojkaStarted work on rewriting bin_PROGRAMS handling to...
2008-11-18 Michal SojkaMerge branch 'master' into devel
2008-11-11 Pavel PisaConsider even cscope target as consumer of SOURCES_LIST.
2008-11-07 Michal SojkaBetter solution to linking binaries with shared libraries
2008-10-30 Michal SojkaAdded .gitignore files
2008-10-30 Michal SojkaMakefiles determine OMK version by "git describe"
2008-10-30 Michal SojkaWebpage update after migration to GIT
2008-10-29 Michal SojkaRemoved binary-pass and converted to link-pseudo-pass...
2008-10-29 Michal SojkaAdded LD_RUN_PATH when linking shared libraries
2008-10-29 Michal SojkaAdded experimental support for shared library dependencies
2008-10-14 Michal Sojkaxxx_IDLFLAGS variable can be used to specify custom...
2008-10-14 Pavel PisaRemoved Linux variables which could not be obtained...
2008-10-14 Pavel PisaIncluded some more options to modpost according to...
2008-10-12 Michal SojkaSmall fix in documentation
2008-09-30 Pavel PisaThe include path adjust to allow use of the LOCAL_CONFI...
2008-09-30 Pavel PisaSuppress warning the address of __this_module will...
2008-09-30 Pavel PisaThe kernelcfg2mk updated to work with PowerPC 2.6.26...
2008-10-02 Michal SojkaAdded export of TARGET_OS and BUILD_OS variables
2008-09-19 Michal SojkaCompleted test for sources-list
2008-09-18 Michal SojkaFixed error sources-list targen when run on distcleaned...
2008-09-18 Michal SojkaFinal fix and test-case for sources-list target
2008-09-16 Michal SojkaFix handling of renamed_include_HEADER in sources-list...
2008-09-11 Michal SojkaUpdated kernelcfg2mk to the current version
2008-09-10 Michal SojkaAdded kernelcfg2mk to repository
2008-09-07 Michal SojkaHide command of extra rules make invocation
2008-09-05 Michal SojkaFix for EXTRA_RULES_SUBDIRS
2008-08-29 Michal SojkaAdded forgotten @ to hide debuggin output
2008-08-28 Michal SojkaFixed generation of sources-list
2008-08-28 Michal Sojkasources-list-pass generates correct dependences in...
2008-08-26 Michal SojkaAdded support for renamed_include_GEN_HEADERS
2008-08-25 Michal SojkaAdded support for exporting IDL-genrated headers
2008-08-24 Michal SojkaFixed bug in texinfo documentation
2008-08-24 Michal Sojkaclean target also cleans all generated .c and .h files
2008-08-23 Michal SojkaFixed test functions to work under dash shell
2008-08-23 Michal SojkaLeaf makefiles in tests replaced with dash-friendly...
2008-08-23 Michal SojkaIncluded test functions to programs runtest
2008-08-23 Michal SojkaFixed printing of "Entering directory" messages with V=2
2008-07-07 Pavel PisaThe kernelcfg2mk is located in MAKERULES_DIR and not...
2008-07-14 Michal SojkaHandling of EXTRA_RULES_SUBDIRS added to some other...
2008-07-14 Michal SojkaRemoved forgotten $(warning)
2008-07-14 Michal SojkaAdded some content to OMK Development section in manual
2008-07-14 Michal SojkaFix for EXTRA_RULES_SUBDIR bug reported by Petr Smolik
2008-06-25 Michal SojkaAdded EXTRA_RULES_SUBDIRS feature
2008-06-13 Michal SojkaDocumented some other variables in comments