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Notes for Xilinx ISE version 14.6 under Linux system

  1. ISIM and gcc
    ISIM binaries have hardcoded gcc path, as "/usr/bin/gcc4" and "/usr/bin/gcc" (in this order), however doesn't work with newest GCC distributions (symbol mismatches during linking). If you run into a trouble (probable with GCC 4.7+ versions), install older GCC (3.3 works fine) and either symlink "/usr/bin/gcc4" to the old one, or modify the binaries with a hex editor and update the path in them. The binaries "fuse", "vlogcomp" and "vhpcomp" require patching.
  2. QT and Coregen
    To prevent mismatches, unset QT_PLUGIN_PATH before running ISE, otherwise Coregen will segfault when running dialogs for source file generation (such as BRAM) due to different QT versions. It may be good to unset the rest of QT_ environmental variables too.

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