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week [15,16 - 2007]

  • DONE
- Website "Main modifications of Open-ZB stack" was moved
  • TODO

week [13,14 - 2007]

  • DONE
- I updated website "Main modifications of Open-ZB stack"
  • TODO

week [11,12 - 2007]

  • DONE
- I'm starting to collaborate with Andre Cunha, author of the OpenZB stack.
- I created website "Main modifications of Open-ZB stack".
  • TODO

week [9,10 - 2007]

  • DONE
- small changes in the first, second and third error, visit the consistent part of section on the front page
  • TODO
- solve the third error - problem with TimerAsync and HPLTimer2C

week [7,8 - 2007]

  • DONE
- small changes on files (deletion of unnecessary specification "push") - modification of both files ".platform" from "\tinyos-1.x\contrib\hurray\tos\platform\telos\" and "\tinyos-1.x\contrib\hurray\tos\platform\telosb\"
- rectifying errors: Blink application - modification of Makefile to accept the another two platforms - telos and telosb
- rectifying errors: AssociationExample application - modification of Makefile to accept the another two platforms - telos and telosb
- strange behaviour of cygwing program during the compilation Blink and also AssociationExample application, after compilation error code "make *** [exe0] Error 1", the restart of cygwin environment helps (sometimes) and this error code disappears (sometimes)
- application Blink is functional for some generated Makefiles
- location of header files for avr and msp430 platform
- rectifying errors: "implicit declaration of function TOSH_READ_CC_CCA_PIN" - problem with HW-header files, this function is not declared for telos platform. I want MAC and PHY files to remain unchanged, therefore I found the matching PIN on hardware files and rename this one. I'm testing it now.
- rectifying errors: In component HPLCC2420M: "HPLCC2420.enableFIFOP" and "HPLCC2420.disableFIFOP " not implemented. Simple insertion the missing functions from HPLCC2420M.nc (MicaZ platform) to HPLCC2420M.nc (telos platform, telosb haven't its own modul, use this one) is impossible. Changes were inspired by the implementation for MicaZ platform. I'm testing it now.
  • TODO
- rectifying error: In component TimerAsyncC: component HPLTimer2C not found. Will probably be need some larger modification of code.

week [5,6 - 2007]

  • DONE
- duplicate files of telos, telosb and msp430 platform: from "\tinyos-1.x\tos\platform\" to "\tinyos-1.x\contrib\hurray\tos\platform\" - during the testing and improvements (it's not necessary to copy all files, but only a modified files)
- modification of file "\tinyos-1.x\contrib\hurray\tos\platform\msp430\PowerManagementM.nc" - changes were inspired by the PowerManagementM file of MicaZ platform"
- small changes on files (addition of telosb platform data) - modification of both files "platforms.properties" form "\tinyos-1.x\contrib\hurray\apps\ and \tinyos-1.x\contrib\hurray\", linking TmoteSky structure always doesn't work
  • TODO
- change the directories before linking so that all files included in "\tinyos-1.x\tos\system\" (as well as in "\tinyos-1.x\contrib\hurray\tos\platform\msp430\") were replace by the files from "\tinyos-1.x\contrib\hurray\tos\platform\msp430\"

week [3,4 - 2007]

  • DONE
- Wiki upgrade - section Project description
- study of the physical layer files structure for MSP430 and Telos
- problems with a generation of documentation (graphviz)
- compilation of MAC layer files OK, build documentation fails
- compilation of PHY layer files fails, build documentation fails
- Phy.nc commented file
  • TODO
- implementation of missing commands to appropriate files for MSP430, Telos and TelosB

week [1,2 - 2007] (CZ)

  • DONE
- procetl jsem dalsi lekce TinyOS, jsem u seste "Displaying Data on a PC, The Oscilloscope application"
- procetl jsem dalsi kapitoly dokumentu "Telos and Aegis Quick Start Guide" az po "The Aegis application"
- procetl jsem nejake datasheety k Tmote Sky TelosB
- opet jsem procetl a prelozil cast o fyzicke vrstve v "Reference Guide IEEE 802.15.4 protocol implementation"
- vyzkousel jsem si praci s Wiki na rtime.felk
  • TODO
- co nejrychleji uspesne absolvovat zkousky (hlavne z MTR) a pote se venovat praci na diplomce
- pokrocit s implementaci 802.15.4 stacku na TelosB