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Expansion Board

The connection of the LEDs, buttons and potentiometers on the Expansion board.


LED Connector X1 pin MCU peripheral
D1 3 P2.8
D2 4 P2.9
D3 5 P2.10
D4 6 P2.11
D5 7 P2.12
D6 8 P2.13
D7 9 P2.14
D8 10 P2.15


Potentiometer Connector X1 pin MCU peripheral
S1 31 P4.4
S2 32 P4.5
S3 33 P4.6
S4 34 P4.7


Potentiometer Connector X2 pin MCU peripheral
RP1 3 AN0
RP2 4 AN1
RP3 5 AN2
RP4 6 AN3