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This page describes "LX CPU1" developer board made by PiKRON, with LPC1788 and Spartan6.

ISE Design Suite

ISE 14.6 is known to work well for Spartan6, WebPack edition is sufficient, however the board is using customized Tumbl core coprocessor, which is based off Microblaze from EDK. You can use versions 13.4+, as there is the fix for errata preventing 9K block ram initialization. Additional information for ISE deployment under Linux system can be found here.

Board notes

  1. DONE pin
    Xilinx configuration guide recommends using an external pull-up resistor for DONE pin, 330 Ohms to Vcco_2 voltage.
  2. BLS1 pin
    Random problems (reason unknown) occuring with BLS1 not being asserted upon memory bus write transaction (for 32-bit and 16-bit). At the moment it appears to be either soldering problem or HW issue. Identified by memory bus verification failing upon writing the respective bits regardless of External Memory Controller setup.