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Note: The name of this package was recently changed from lpc21xx-boot to sysless-lpc21xx. We have also changed the version control system from Darcs to Git.


LPC21xx Datasheet


Development tools

Toolchain binaries for Debian

Invoke next line to add rtime cross-dev into packages sources list

echo deb ftp://rtime.felk.cvut.cz/debian unstable main >/etc/apt/sources.list.d/rtime-debs.list

Update packages cache (aptitude update) Check, that libmpfr1ldbl and libgmp3c2 packages are installed and select next packages


Installation on non-Debian systems

  • Then Use ar x binutils-arm-elf_2.19.50-1_i386.deb and tar -C / -xzf data.tar.gz
  • Do the same for gcc* package

Older version in tar archive

  1. Download gcc-arm-elf-3.4.3-bin
  2. Unpack this to the root direcotry
tar -C / -xvzf gcc-arm-elf-3.4.3-bin.tar.gz


Use the System-Less Framework to develop for this family of microcontrollers. It contains Makefiles for building your applications, code for booting the processor, tolpc tool, which can be now used to load applications into RAM, and lpc21isp tool, which can be used to write the application to the flash.