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Development tools

  • Windows driver for DEMO52233. NOTE: If its not possible to dowload the driver, you need to go to P&E Micro and find there new driver.
  • Linux drivers can be found on P&E Micro, but it not works in Kubuntu 6.10 and 7.04. I didnt try another versions of Linux.

Installation in windows

  • Download and install driver from P&E Micro, then download and install Toolchains from codesourcery. (there is important to have checked Add defaulth path in installator). Now connect Coldfire demo board to you computer. If its installed correctely, there shoud lighted some LEDs on board.
  • Now run windows shell (START->run->cmd->enter) and try run this command:
 m68k-elf-sprite -i 
  • You should see some output, the most importatnt is to see there pe://USBMultilink/..... (If you dont see it, you have something wrong. Try to reinstall win driver.)

Installation in Linux

Warning: Do not use it with Kubuntu.

  • Download the latest driver from P&E Micro and follow instructions which is in driver. After isntallation you should see something like ****** P&EMicro Driver inslalled sucefully *****. Then run
 ls /dev | grep windrvr6
  • if you can see windrvr6 you win. Than download toolchain from codesourcery. You should download compiled version, but you must add default path to ../../bin (FIXME).

First program (linux and windows)

  • Create new file named hello.c, put inside
  #include <stdio.h>
  main (void)
     printf("Hello World!\n");
     return 0;

and save file.

Then run

 m68k-elf-gcc -mcpu=52235 -o hello -T m52235evb-ram-hosted.ld hello.c

You should see no errors.

Running GDB to test out application:

 m68k-elf-gdb hello

In GDB you need to connect to target

 target remote | m68k-elf-sprite pe://USBMultilink m52235evb

Then we need to load the application to the RAM:


After this is program im RAM memory. Now we can add breakpoint to main function:

 breakpoint main

and run SW


You should see Hello World! in the output.


  • Default sysclk is equal to crystal.
  • ! This is only HOWTO with no warranty. !
  • If you have question try send me email to [jiri]dot[kubias]at[gmail]dot[com], but Im not interested in programming with Coldfire now.