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TORSCHE – Classification in Scheduling

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1. The problem Object

1. The problem Object

The object problem is a structure describing the classification of deterministic scheduling problems in the notation proposed by [Graham79] and [Błażewicz83]. An example of its usage is shown in the following code.

>> prob = problem('P|prec|Cmax')

This notation consists of three parts (α | β | γ). The first part (alpha) describes the processor environment, the second part (beta) describes the task characteristics of the scheduling problem as precedence constraints, or release times. The last part (gamma) denotes an optimality criterion.

Special problems, not specified by the notation, can be identified by one-word name, e.g. CSCH. For more information see Reference Guide @problem/problem.m.

Command is is used to test whether a notation includes specific description. A simple problem test should be included in each scheduling algorithm of the toolbox. An example is shown below.

if ~is(prob,'alpha','P') |  ~is(prob,'betha','rj') | ~is(prob,'gamma','Lmax')
     error('Can not solve this scheduling problem.');
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