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This page is mainly focussed on Linux UIO and Comedi driver support for data acquisition cards produced by Humusoft company.


The two card models are considered at the first phase


Hudaqlib project developed by Jaroslav Fojtik provides Linux userspace access and I/O support functions for above cards

The project homepage is at

UIO Support

Source code of the UIO and Comedi drivers are available in "/src/uio" directory of GIT repository.

Public read-only access to the repository:

  git clone git://

For RW access:

  git clone

The code can be browsed online in Rtime GIT mf6xx.git repository

The experimental UIO based Hudaqlib port for MF624 and MF614 is part of repository as well.

UIO MF624 direct access blocks for ERT Linux target are available from local MF624 Simulink support repository

MF624 UIO kernel driver has been merged to Linux mainline (actual driver source). Because MF624 memory mapped BAR ranges are shorter than page (4 kB) the kernel blocks remapping to user-space to protect other possible resources located in the same physical page. But kernel parameter can be used to activate PCI quirk which extends MF624 memory resources/BARS to reserve whole 4 kB range. The card PCI bus and slot has to be found by lspci command and then kernel boot parameter has to be added (adjusted for actual board slot)



The code can be browsed online in Rtime GIT mf6xx.git repository

QEMU Emulation of MF624

The code can be browsed online in Rtime GIT mf6xx.git repository

MF6xx COMEDI, UIO and QEMU RTLWS13 Article

COMEDI and UIO drivers for PCI Multifunction Data Acquisition and Generic I/O Cards and Their QEMU Virtual Hardware Equivalents

Driver implementation / Implementace ovladae

[Czech language only]

Popis implementace ovladae