descriptionSimulink Embedded Coder target for Linux
last changeMon, 20 Mar 2017 01:38:41 +0000 (02:38 +0100)
2017-03-20 Pavel PisaInclude SIGINT handler to properly stop model when... master
2017-03-20 Pavel PisaCorrect base_rate function prototype to be compatible...
2015-04-03 Pavel PisaEnsure that mlockall() applies even to already mapped...
2014-10-03 Michal SojkaRemove unused file
2014-04-18 Kvetoslav BeldaSuppress warning about thread return value.
2014-04-18 Kvetoslav BeldaLocal definition of TRUE/FALSE is required for R2014a...
2014-03-10 Michal SojkaAdd mlockall() to the generated code
2014-03-10 Michal SojkaREADME: Mention how to cross-compile
2014-03-10 Michal SojkaREADME: Fix typos and reformat
2014-02-23 Pavel PisaPointer to GIT repository.
2014-02-23 Pavel PisaUpdate of the README.
2014-02-20 Pavel PisaUse rtExtModeParseArgs in ERT main instead of rtERTExtM...
2013-07-23 Michal SojkaSynchronize external mode in different threads
2013-07-23 Michal SojkaConvert to UNIX line endings
2013-07-23 Michal SojkaClean up generation of ert_main.c
2013-07-23 Michal SojkaUpdate and cleanup comments
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