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To clone a respoitory execute

git clone URL
where URL is one of URLs displayed on the project page. For write access refer to HOWTO on our wiki.

List all projects in 'fpga/'
Project Description Owner Last Change
fpga/lx-cpu1/binutils-tumbl.git Binutils for MBTumbl 6 years ago
fpga/lx-cpu1/gcc-tumbl.git GCC for MBTumbl 6 years ago
fpga/lx-cpu1/lx-dad.git 3 years ago
fpga/lx-cpu1/lx-rocon.git Unnamed repository; edit this... pisa 5 years ago
fpga/lx-cpu1/newlib-tumbl.git Newlib for MBTumbl 6 years ago
fpga/lx-cpu1/tumbl.git MBTumbl coprocessor core 5 years ago
fpga/openmsp430.git Local version/partial copy... buriavl2 9 years ago
fpga/plasma.git Local version/partial copy... buriavl2 9 years ago
fpga/pwm.git The control block for three... buriavl2 9 years ago
fpga/quadcount.git Quadrature position sensor... Marek Peca 9 years ago
fpga/rpi-motor-control-pxmc.git Raspberry Pi Motor Control... 3 years ago
fpga/rpi-motor-control.git Raspberry Pi Motor Control Pavel Pisa 4 years ago
fpga/spartan2/qcounter.git Unnamed repository; edit this... buriavl2 9 years ago
fpga/uart.git Unnamed repository; edit this... buriavl2 9 years ago
fpga/virtex2/blink.git MSP430 LED blink - test top... buriavl2 9 years ago
fpga/virtex2/msp430-cmdproc.git MSP430 with RS-232 command... buriavl2 9 years ago
fpga/virtex2/msp_motion.git MSP430 BLDC control HW and... buriavl2 9 years ago
fpga/virtex2/plasma.git Plasma - most MIPS I - test... buriavl2 9 years ago
fpga/virtex2/uart.git MSP430 simple UART echo -... buriavl2 9 years ago
fpga/zynq/canbench-hw.git 4 channel CAN transceiver... 4 years ago
fpga/zynq/canbench-sw.git CAN benchmark FPGA design... 14 months ago
fpga/zynq/mzed-dc-control-hw.git 4 years ago
fpga/zynq/mzed-dc-control-sw.git 4 years ago