Embedded RTLinux Intro 2007

Summer School

June 18th - 22nd, 2007, Prague, Czech Republic

Summer School – Embedded RTLinux Intro 2007

Prague, Czech Republic
June 18th – 22nd, 2007

The first session starts on Monday at 9:00 in Lab K2. See for details.

Prof. Nicholas McGuire, University of Lanzhou


It is the main goal of this training to introduce the free software real-time variants of Linux based on RTLinux/GPL in a way that allows participants to go home and install a system from scratch and get to work on real problems. The focus is thus on mastering the necessary practical skills and not so much on theoretical issues surrounding RTOS and embedded systems, though we do introduce the core concepts of RTLinux/GPL in details mapping these core concepts to the respective code as well as covering the basic design problems of embedded Linux systems.

This one week training should be sufficient for students to continue with actual projects based on the know-how and experience gained from this summer school. It should be noted that we deliberately don't use specialized hardware to ensure that these experiences can actually be applied with typical PC components that can be assumed to be available to every student.

Even though this training is based on RTLinux/GPL it is kept general enough that participants should have no problem working with other flavors of RT-Linux (RTAI/ADEOS, L4, XtratuM etc.) where possible without disrupting the course flow differences to other versions are introduced.


This session is run 5 days hands-on 9:00–12:00 13:00–18:00, with a final exam on the last day. The following content outline may change in details due to updated documentation and/or change of distributions, but the basic themes will not be changed.

The below schedule has been covered in the above noted sessions with some slight variations depending on how fast one can advance with the students, in general most of the topics can be covered, and even if specific topics are skipped or reduced in scope the general nature of this introductory seminar is preserved. Some topics that are optionally listed for the case of a very fast group are marked with an (*).

The focus of this session is to give the participants enough hands-on experience that they actually can apply the real-time Linux technologies to real problmes, we don't expect any prior experience with RTLinux, a bit of Linux experience as a user is helpful though. A requirement is that participants have a basic understanding of the C language.

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