descriptionSocketCAN local development/experiments
ownerPavel Pisa
last changeFri, 30 Sep 2011 11:40:21 +0000 (11:40 +0000)
2011-09-30 hartkoppAdd modifiers for sampling-point and sjw to can_if... master
2011-09-30 hartkoppcandev: allow SJW user setting for bittiming calculation
2011-09-30 hartkoppThe commit aabdcb0b553b9c9547b1a506b34d55a764745870...
2011-09-29 hartkoppcan bcm: fix tx_setup off-by-one errors
2011-09-01 hartkoppgrr - fix whitespace issue to make strip-src work again.
2011-09-01 hartkoppAdd missinf includes for tasklet usage.
2011-09-01 hartkoppAdd kernel version depency for Kernel 3.1.x which exten...
2011-09-01 hartkoppAdded missing inclusion of linux/types.h
2011-09-01 hartkoppBeautify check for valid CAN netdevices.
2011-09-01 hartkoppFix whitespace issues remarked by
2011-08-31 hartkoppAs we're using skb_mac_header() functions which rely...
2011-08-31 hartkoppUpdate copyright date for first mainline attempt.
2011-07-18 hartkoppAdded test script analogue to the LTP test to check...
2011-07-09 hartkoppRemove unused variables detected by -Wunused-but-set...
2011-07-09 hartkoppAdded new programm to test the CAN filters in af_can.c .
2011-06-29 hartkoppThe two options "CAN bit-timing calculation" and
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7 years ago master