2009-08-28 Michal SojkaAdded TCP to labels in ethload*
2009-08-28 Michal SojkaFix makefile
2009-08-28 Michal SojkaAdd sleep after test with externally generated load
2009-08-28 Michal SojkaSmall fixes in graphs
2009-08-28 Michal SojkaGraph are are in milliseconds to be more readable
2009-08-27 Michal SojkaRename broken test (to be skipped)
2009-08-27 Michal Sojkartt-history is a separate test (with plot cmd only)
2009-08-27 Michal SojkaConvert plot commands to be returned by function p()
2009-08-27 Michal SojkaAdd kernel cmdline to kernel identifier
2009-08-27 Michal SojkaMerge branch 'master' of rtime:/var/git/can-benchmark
2009-08-27 Michal SojkaFix generation of html with missing images
2009-08-27 Michal SojkaDetermine CPU clock frequencies dynamically
2009-08-27 Michal SojkaExtend preparation of virtual drivers
2009-08-27 Michal SojkaChanged -w2 to -w0 to speedup testing
2009-08-27 Michal SojkaMinor fixes
2009-08-27 Michal SojkaHTML report + many modifications
2009-08-26 Michal SojkaSome changes from 14 days ago
2009-06-18 Michal SojkaAdded test to check influence of -w
2009-06-18 Michal SojkaFixed termination of remote ping
2009-06-18 Michal SojkaAllow tests to generate more graphs
2009-06-18 Michal SojkaBe less verbose
2009-06-18 Michal SojkaDo not modify IRQ priority under non-rt kernel
2009-06-15 Michal SojkaAdded tests with ethernet load
2009-06-15 Michal SojkaFixed cpufreq setting
2009-06-14 Michal SojkaAdded overload test which must be yet tuned
2009-06-14 Michal SojkaOther test added
2009-06-13 Michal SojkaTest infrastructure almost ready
2009-06-11 Michal SojkaAdded simple test to check the infrastructure
2009-06-11 Michal SojkaInitial commit