2014-07-08 Michal SojkaMore messages in verbose mode
2014-07-08 Michal SojkaImprove documentation
2014-07-08 Michal SojkaAdd scape sequence and an option to ignore it
2014-05-28 Michal SojkaFixup
2014-05-28 Michal SojkaFail when measured latnecy is zero
2014-05-28 Michal SojkaPropagate make failure to the caller (cron)
2014-04-11 Michal Sojkacontinuous: Add contact link to web page with graphs
2014-04-10 Michal Sojkacontinuous: Log which commit of the test suite run...
2014-04-10 Michal Sojkacontinuous: More configuration is needed to run the... fix-allnoconfig
2014-04-10 Michal Sojkacontinuous: Kill the boot process when various signals...
2014-04-10 Michal Sojkacontinuous: Do not commit shark patch - it breaks bisect
2014-04-10 Michal Sojkacontinuous:
2014-04-10 Michal Sojkacontinuous: Add script to be used with "git bisect...
2014-04-10 Michal Sojkacontinuous: Increase timeout in my-oldconfig
2014-04-10 Michal SojkaChnages in .gitignore
2014-04-10 Michal Sojkacontinuous: Fix configuration step for newer kernels
2014-03-01 Michal SojkaFetch linux tags automatically
2014-02-27 Michal SojkaPush logs to remote repo (for backing up)
2014-02-27 Michal SojkaAdd RTEMS gateway benchmark to continuous tests
2014-02-27 Michal Sojkatmp
2014-02-13 Michal SojkaUse nproc rather than ncpus
2014-02-07 Michal SojkaInclude time zone information in "Generated on..."...
2014-02-07 Michal SojkaIgnore Linux tag stamp files
2014-02-07 Michal SojkaAdd noncommited files that might be useful
2014-02-07 Michal SojkaAdd .gitignore files
2014-02-07 Michal SojkaMove highstock one level up
2014-02-07 Michal SojkaAdd when the graps were generated
2014-02-07 Michal SojkaGenerate and update graphs from the cron job
2014-02-07 Michal SojkaNicer graphs
2014-02-06 Michal SojkaUpdate graph generator to actually work
2014-02-06 Michal SojkaFix history generation
2014-02-06 Michal SojkaFix WVSTART
2014-02-06 Michal SojkaAdd timeout to make oldconfig
2014-02-06 Michal SojkaAdd support for running benchmarks with older kernels
2014-02-06 Michal SojkaOlder kernels needs more config options
2014-02-06 Michal SojkaDon't build DTB witk kernel
2014-02-06 Michal SojkaGzip ramdisk - booting is faster
2014-02-06 Michal SojkaSend wvtest output to stdout rather than to stderr
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaPreliminary version of graph generator
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd wvperf2html from NUL
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaFixes of cron script
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaIdentify repo and commit in the log
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd initial version of cron script
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaSend target's output to stdout rather than to stderr
2014-02-05 Michal Sojkasterm: Detect stale lock files
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaFix test names
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd "Testing" headers
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaRemove ugw link to not collide with gen_cpio parameters
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd empty Makefile.omk to not fail without config.omk...
2014-02-05 Michal redirects stdout rather than stderr in order...
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd reference from /usr/src/linux
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd Makefile to run all steps
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaBe more silent
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd scripts to setup environment for automated tests
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd more tests
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaFix boot
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd first automated test and supporting infrastructure
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd config for rootfs for continuous gw tests
2014-02-04 Michal Sojkalatester: Fix array size
2014-02-04 Michal Sojkalatester: Add percentiles to statistics
2014-02-04 Michal Sojkasterm: Minor updates
2014-02-03 Michal SojkaUpdate gitignore
2014-02-03 Michal SojkaAdd simple serial line terminal
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaUpdate .gitignore
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaFinal benchmark
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaImplement recvmmsg/sendmmsg gateway
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaAdd sendmmsg benchamark
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaWe need more data
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaRename one experiment
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaFix burst benchmark
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaLimit socket recv buf size - to not have so big latencies
2014-01-20 Michal SojkaPreprocess only files that exist, don't fail on missing...
2014-01-19 Michal SojkaNew tests
2014-01-19 Michal Sojkafixup
2014-01-19 Michal SojkaAdd readnb-noirq test + make faster
2014-01-19 Michal SojkaMore fixes for new novaboot
2014-01-19 Michal SojkaRecvmmsg: it is sufficient to have only 100 measurements
2014-01-19 Michal SojkaUpdate boot scripts to the new novaboot syntax
2014-01-15 Michal SojkaAdd remaining uncommitted files
2014-01-14 Michal SojkaIgnore measured data
2014-01-14 Michal SojkaPlot frame loss and sort columns always the same
2014-01-14 Michal SojkaBoot linux quietly - it's faster
2014-01-14 Michal SojkaAdd mmap-mmap test and store data in directory accordin...
2014-01-14 Michal SojkaAdd readnb test
2014-01-14 Michal SojkaFix periodic mode in latester
2014-01-14 Michal Sojkaugw: Use send() instead of poll() in mmap()-based TX
2014-01-14 Michal Sojkaugw: Make PF_PACKET frames smaller
2014-01-14 Michal Sojkaugw: Remove debug printf
2014-01-14 Michal Sojkaugw: Add statistics
2014-01-14 Michal Sojkaugw: Add nonblocking mode
2014-01-13 Michal SojkaStop on error
2014-01-13 Michal SojkaScripts for running all experiments, getting and proces...
2014-01-13 Michal SojkaAdd column with routing delay
2014-01-13 Michal SojkaFix warnings in latester when compiled with -Wall
2014-01-12 Michal SojkaUpdate to kernel with busy_poll support
2014-01-12 Michal Sojkarootfs: Add dropbear
2014-01-12 Michal Sojkakernel 3.12: Add Ethernet driver, remove not useful...
2014-01-12 Michal SojkaAdded ftrace config (commented oud)
2014-01-12 Michal SojkaAttempt to add busy_poll support for mmap RX
2014-01-12 Michal SojkaImplement busy_poll (aka low latency) for read method