2009-06-18 Michal SojkaAllow tests to generate more graphs
2009-06-18 Michal SojkaBe less verbose
2009-06-18 Michal SojkaDo not modify IRQ priority under non-rt kernel
2009-06-15 Michal SojkaAdded tests with ethernet load
2009-06-15 Michal SojkaFixed cpufreq setting
2009-06-14 Michal SojkaAdded overload test which must be yet tuned
2009-06-14 Michal SojkaOther test added
2009-06-13 Michal SojkaTest infrastructure almost ready
2009-06-11 Michal SojkaAdded simple test to check the infrastructure
2009-06-11 Michal SojkaInitial commit