Change the cron script (btw. we are now triggered by systemd timers)
[can-benchmark.git] / continuous / gw-setup /
2017-09-15 Michal SojkaUpdate novaboot configuration
2014-10-17 Michal SojkaImprove continuous tests runner
2014-10-06 Michal SojkaImprove
2014-10-06 Michal Better error messages
2014-10-06 Michal SojkaFix some errors in after the simplification
2014-10-06 Michal SojkaSimplify
2014-05-28 Michal SojkaFixup
2014-05-28 Michal SojkaFail when measured latnecy is zero
2014-04-10 Michal Sojkacontinuous: Kill the boot process when various signals...
2014-02-27 Michal SojkaAdd RTEMS gateway benchmark to continuous tests
2014-02-27 Michal Sojkatmp
2014-02-07 Michal SojkaAdd .gitignore files
2014-02-06 Michal SojkaDon't build DTB witk kernel
2014-02-06 Michal SojkaGzip ramdisk - booting is faster
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaSend target's output to stdout rather than to stderr
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaRemove ugw link to not collide with gen_cpio parameters
2014-02-05 Michal redirects stdout rather than stderr in order...
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd scripts to setup environment for automated tests
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaFix boot
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd first automated test and supporting infrastructure
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd config for rootfs for continuous gw tests