continuous: We need longer timeout
[can-benchmark.git] / continuous /
2014-12-10 Michal Sojkacontinuous: We need longer timeout
2014-12-06 Michal SojkaDo not send emails from every cron job
2014-12-05 Michal SojkaFix syntax error
2014-12-05 Michal SojkaPoweroff the test box after the cron job finishes
2014-05-28 Michal SojkaPropagate make failure to the caller (cron)
2014-02-27 Michal SojkaPush logs to remote repo (for backing up)
2014-02-07 Michal SojkaGenerate and update graphs from the cron job
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaFixes of cron script
2014-02-05 Michal SojkaAdd initial version of cron script